Put AMAZON HOPE on your prayer list!  We are continually seeking God’s wisdom and guidance in everything we do.  We ask that you pray with us, that Gods will to be done in our ministry.

Partner With Us in Missions

We carry out our mission by partnering with local churches and organizations in the U.S., connecting them with local churches in the Amazon Valley, and working alongside them to carry on the mission.

Whether you are an individual looking to serve God in the Amazon, or representing a church wanting to do the same, we can help you get plugged in an existing group, or taking a leading one of your own!

Invite Us To Your Church

If you like what we do and want us to share it with your church, let us know and we will send a representative to share what God is doing in the Amazon.

where does your donation go?

AMAZON HOPE is a nonprofit organization.  We maintain our structure through the voluntary and regular contributions made from individuals, churches and organizations who are faithful to the Lord and his kingdom.

Make a tax-deductible donation by mail or click on the ‘Donate’ button on the side of the page.

Specific needs to contribute for:

– Boat Maintenance – There are constant costs of maintaining our two primary vessels. Items represented here include boat manager salary, dock fees and basic electrical/mechanical maintenance.)

– Minister Support – We support local pastors and leaders in the field.  This covers living wage, boat repairs, fuel, ministry support.

– Sponsor a Volunteer –  Provide a scholarship for someone to join one of our scheduled trips.

– General Needs – We are working hard to be the best partner in ministry for God’s Church, as we are an extension of the Church.  Help us continue to improve our ministry