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What’s a typical village like along the Amazon River?

Atualizado: 25 de Jun de 2019

Many of the villages we visit make you feel like you have stepped back in time a few hundred years. These villages are usually located off the main river on a tributary or a beautiful lake. The homes are generally built with wood, bamboo, and leaves. They are very small homes with several people living in one house. No matter what size the village there is, there is usually a Catholic Church, a school, and a soccer field. The people along the Amazon are quite humble andreserved. After they get over their shyness, they are very hospitable and always greet visitors with a smile. The men usually hunt or fish in the morning while the women grind manioc (the primary source of calories) and take care of the children.

Some villages have common fields which they harvest together and share the profits. People travel in flat bottom canoes from place to place. There are no bikes or cars in the smaller villages, but you will find an occasional one in the larger villages. The pace of life is slow and simple, and there are many opportunities to get to know these sweet and generous people

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